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The Weight-Loss Chronicles 4: Chocolate & the Sacral Chakra

In between the belly button and the tailbone is the Sacral chakra. If you are a belly weight gainer, figure out if it is below the naval or above. If you get the little belly below you have a Sacral story going on with you.

Chances are that you like chocolate – a lot! If you have a sweet tooth and any sweet will do and you don’t like chocolate much then wait for the next chapter on the Solar Plexus ūüôā

The Sacral chakra is about Creativity and Creation, Sex and Sexuality, Fertility, Joy, Pleasure & Abundance. Think about these words and see where you find the lack or the struggle. It is possible that Creativity flows though you but Joy alludes you.

Scientists have proven that when we eat chocolate it releases the pleasure hormones in our brain. If our word is lacking in pleasure, we crave chocolate because our natural or ideal state of being is about being happy, creating and about pleasure. Pleasure itself has an offshoot of pleasing – are you pleasing yourself enough? Or are you constantly putting all your efforts in pleasing others?

None of this means that chocolate is bad. Chocolate is great because it is giving your body what it needs. But wouldn’t it be amazing that your mental and emotional state was so full of pleasure that you would not need that much chocolate. Please don’t force yourself to stop, it will happen on its own as the chakra corrects itself.

The chocolate connection is an indicator that the sacral needs correction. The other indicator is the weight gain in the lower belly area. Simple affirmations are a great way to start and so is wearing crystals.¬†Incidentally, the other thing that releases the happy hormones is exercise ūüôā No escaping that no matter what chakra you work on. Do a little walking, try a minute of running, if you couple that with some affirmations the results will be quite phenomenal.

The¬†Carnelian¬†is the best sacral chakra healing stone. I have noticed that it takes me a little while to get accustomed to the stone (yes, the sacral is my story ūüôā ) so I start by wearing it for an hour or so and slowly build it up to the full day.

Other crystals that benefit the sacral are moonstones and mother of pearl and rubies. Rubies I find the easiest to wear actually. And I prefer the tumbled version to the faceted Jewelry¬†kind. Rule of thumb is that if the crystal is orange in colour it will work on the sacral chakra. Wearing the various shades of orange helps as well. You just realized that you really like the colour orange right?! That’s your body telling you your needs:)

Here’s a set of affirmations that work well for the sacral –

1. I am open to¬†receiving¬†the pleasures in life / I’m open to joy / I’m ready to let happiness into my life

2. Life is easy, life is fun, oh what joy to be under the sun

3. Creativity flows through me, in and around me

4. I love being a woman/man. It is joyous being a woman/man.

See which one resonates with you the most and go with that. 21 times for 21 days or longer.

Do remember to cleanse your crystals and activate them.

The Weight-Loss Chronicles Chapter 1, 2, 3

See what scientists have to say about¬†chocolate¬†and the brain –¬†

I quite enjoyed this post on the sacral chakra –¬†


The Weight-Loss Chronicles 3 – Base Chakra & Weight

Now that you have reassured your body that you are safe, it’s time to identify where exactly the fear lies. The simplest and most effective way is to figure out where you start putting on weight. Is it your thighs? Is it your stomach? Or your lower belly?

Lets take this chakra by chakra, starting with the base chakra or the root chakra

Legs, thighs, hips

If your tendency is to start putting on weight here or that this is the only place you put on weight, this is where your body and mind think you need most protection.

The base chakra is a materialistic, physical chakra. It is about the basic necessities of life. It is about how safe you feel, how secure you feel. It is not about whether you have or have not, but about how you feel about it. So you can have plenty but if you feel insecure about it, it causes the body to layer up.

Most people with base chakra blocks will come across as rather materialistic. But if you scratch the surface, you’ll see that they are just using physical things (and that includes money) to just feel safe.

And it still could be about love or money or any of the other chakra issues, as long as the emotion is about feeling fear or insecurity. If love makes you scared Рyou would fight or flight. So small hips and skinny legs run away from intimacy and the broad hips fight it.

Same with money – if money means power to you then we’re talking about the Solar Plexus chakra and not the Root chakra. If money means safety and security then we’re talking about the Root chakra.

A lot of the Root chakra issues actually relate to finances, because money pays our rent and buys us food. But the issue is not actually money or lack thereof, it’s the insecurity for what money can or can’t buy.

And it is how rich people can be fat around the base as well. Think about how insecure you would feel if you had a million bucks lying around in the house, you would be paranoid right? It’s contradictory but the less you have the less insecure you feel. Think about it. If your bag was full of cash, you would constantly keep an eye on it but if it had almost nothing, you would just toss it anywhere.

SO – the action to take is

1. Understand yourself : Figure out what you fear or what makes you feel unsafe or insecure. See if you feel overly dependent on things and maybe even hoard things.

Thighs usually mean attachment and intimacy. So, do you fear attachment with people? It not only mean a partner but could be friends or even family. Somewhere in the past you were hurt and now you are afraid to open up to people. A good affirmation is ‘It is safe for me to form attachments. It is safe for me to be intimate with so and so’.

Hips are about dependency. If you fear being dependent on people or alternately feel that too many people are dependent on you. Again this is about resisting it and fearing it because you have been hurt by it in the past, which is why your body is protecting you. Affirmation – It is safe for me to depend on people or a specific person.

Shins and Calves are about cushioning. And Ankles are about Support. But one doesn’t actually start putting on weight from there ūüôā

Another way of figuring out what you fear is to see what the weight in that particular area prevents you from doing. And then do it – it’s a sure way to get over the fear :). Can’t wear that Bikini? – just go ahead and wear one!!

2. Do some affirmations : Once you have figured it out usually an affirmation which starts with ‘It is safe for me to…’ should be a good start.

If you don’t want to or can’t figure it out, a generic ‘I am safe, I am secure, I am protected’ is a great affirmation.

3. Add lots of Reds, Browns and Blacks to your wardrobe. Especially the bottoms. Should be easy enough to do and all of them are slimming colours!

4. Try carrying some crystals in your pocket or even wearing it around your neck. For material fears try the Red Jasper. For safety, try a tourmaline or a black onyx. For fears of health it’s a moss agate.

5. Try to walk barefoot on the grass atleast once a day. If not, walk barefoot in your apartment but visualize it is the ground.

And go for a walk or go for a run ūüėČ

One last thing. Sometimes when we try to change something that has been part of us for a long long time, there is backlash. Its just your energy which is not used to the new you. But don’t give up, it’s just testing you to see if you know what you’re doing. ¬†So you wear the Bikini and someone laughs at you or calls you overweight – don’t worry, just do your affirmations. Remember that your body and mind believes that you will be hurt and creates that situation for you. Just continue on and sooner than later it will accept the new you.

A short note  about the Chakras

Chapter 1 of the Weight Loss Chronicles

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The Weight Loss Chronicles Chapter 1: The metaphysics of weight

quote3webThis is a story that needs to be told in parts. The initial post is about the metaphysics of weight gain (and loss) at the macro level, the next part will go into different body types, then further on to body parts, then on to the food we eat and why we eat what we eat. Maybe not necessarily in that order but I will start with the big picture first.

For those seeking a big weight loss in 20 seconds – this is not the post you want to follow ūüôā

This post is to understand the why of weight gain, get some tips and simple suggestions to start the process. The desired outcome of these posts is to either shed some weight or simply be happy with the shape you are. And the amazing bit about being the latter is that the former actually happens.

Weight is an interesting story in the metaphysical context. It goes way way back into our basic instincts. We are born with two basic instincts Рfight or flight! Both are survival instincts, when faced with any danger or threat one of the instincts takes over for us to survive. When threatened we are designed to do whatever it takes to survive, to live. Neither is good or bad Рwhichever works for us to live is perfect.

In the civilized world, these instincts manifest for situations that make us feel threatened Рhurt, afraid, concerned, worried, angry. As survival is taken for granted, the instinct kicks in when we feel any of these emotions.

How we look at the two words – flight and fight – actually defines us. I always felt that the word ‘flight’ had a negative connotation to it and you guessed it – I’m a fighter all right (or Was)! Now ask my husband and he’ll tell you ‘don’t fight, it’s not good’, that’s because he has negative associations with the word fight.

SO, the first question is – are you a fighter or a flighter?

What does it take to be a fighter? A strong, solid body right? Something that can withstand attack. And what does it take to be a flighter? Supple legs and nimble feet? You know what I’m building up to right?

Our metabolism takes its cues from here… if you are essentially a fighter, then you need to be pretty solid to hold your ground and you need the weight. If you are a flighter then you need to be light and nimble on your feet.

And yes, I do the battle with weight and he is a marathon runner ūüėČ

Another way of identifying if you are a fighter or a flighter is to watch the words you use. Do you say I’m fighting to get this done or batting the urge to …and so on.

Here’s the first tip – if you are a fighter, love and accept it. Anything that makes you survive remember.

The second question is who or what are you fighting? Authority? Injustice? Yourself? Your nature? We are taught at an early age to fight for all this and more. Gandhi talked about ‘turning the other cheek’ and look how skinny he was!

Jokes aside, here’s the first few steps to take¬†immediately¬†–

1. Identify what you are fighting. And why.

2. Reduce the number of fights you have. If you are fighting the clock, relax and choose to be late. If you are fighting the urge to eat the cheesecake, relax and give in to it. If you tend to fight with people, choose to walk away.

3. Stop using the word fight and it’s variants. Start using active words like ‘lemme run and do this..’.

4. Be active. All the metaphysics in the world won’t make you thin if you are a couch potato…you have to get up and get moving. It will help you get moving though and speed up the process of shedding the unnecessary fat.

The big question is Рwill this spiritual healing help me lose weight? And if not, then why should I try it? The simple answer is that as you heal your barriers to weight-loss you will find yourself motivated to be more active or to eat the right things. The magic is in dissolving the barriers to a healthy you.

Next up: Thank your fat


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