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Awake and Enlightened



to be awake
is to be aware

to be awake
is to be able to see
not with your eyes
but with your heart

to be awake is to perceive
all as you are
all as yourself

to be awake is to see time
not as it moves forward
but as it stills

to be awake is to walk
backward to the point of origin
to retrace so you can understand

to be awake is to feel
the infinite patterns of the universe
and how you are a part of them

to be awake is to surrender
to the will of the universe
to be one with the universe

to be enlightened
you don’t even need to wake

Why me?

486689_475257532554976_1122425409_n ego

Sometimes shit happens. And most of us feel that we would be able to handle the shit better if we knew why? If we could make some rational sense out of it or connect the dots to the future result, the shit would be so easy to bear. Like when you are pregnant, all the physical and emotional drama is totally worth it because the result is worth anything and everything.

Unfortunately we don’t :(. So then the question is, why do bad things happen to good people? Especially for people on the spiritual path – with all the clearing, healing, understanding, why does the path have obstacles? You think you’ve resolved something and there it is again.

I went through two years of no illness, not even a cold and somewhere along the way the joy of feeling well gave way to ‘I’m a healer so I can’t be sick’. Yup, the big bad Ego got in the way. You know how this story ends right? Yup, Doctors and Operating tables. And then I pulled out the big guns for healing myself and my life. And here I am still trying to make sense of ‘why on earth me?’

I’m not fully sure what it is but I do know what it isn’t. It isn’t a punishment from god or the universe. And it is certainly not for (perceived) sins done in the past. You could have been the most perfect being in the world and yet you would be right here. You know the soothsayers and psychics in books and movies, who see their future and still take exactly the same action….they do it because they realize the futility of taking a different action. Because all will lead to the same result. So stop blaming yourself for past (perceived) mistakes. You dint do any. And the universe is certainly not punishing you. No Guilt Now!!

And no blaming others either, this is only your story. The other thing it is not is a test, a test of your fortitude and courage. (For more on this see Don’t be strong. Cry if you want to, scream if you want to and let it all out. While at the crying and screaming do try to figure out how you really feel. Is it the ego or is it real emotion? Is it because you feel you should feel a certain way or do you actually feel that way? Do you feel this coz people have expectations from you? How do you really, truly feel.

And now to the realization. Firstly, fully, openly, accept it. Accept what is happening. Take a deep breath and let it wash over and inside you. The situation is what it is. Without the past and the future.

Second, understand that the timing isn’t right. Not the physical timing but that many other things need to fall into place for it to work out. All you can do is it wait for it. And surrender to the will of the universe (it’s a great affirmation during trying times btw).

If there are blocks, please work on them but be clear on what you are working on. And why.

Lastly – and this is difficult – don’t get attached to the outcome. Trust that all will work out eventually. As long as you feel fine – all is well. The why and the how don’t matter. Sometimes we don’t know what we want. And sometimes we get it and then realize that we dint really want it and sometimes we don’t get it so we are not stuck with it 🙂

Manifestation, Free will and Divine design

Having grown up on the concepts of karma and destiny, I have had great faith in fate – whatever is meant to be is meant to be but then I have also had great faith in us being the creators of our destiny. And frankly the two beliefs co-exited within me in perfect harmony. It’s only when I stopped to think did it occur to me that two, by rights, shouldn’t co-exist.

The new belief that triggered the thinking was that we are god. Controversial yes? I was a bit circumspect about it as well and it felt a bit egotistic to even say the statement out loud. But when you think about the ‘creators of our destiny’ bit and expand the concept to each of being the creator of out own reality then it makes sense. So yes, we are gods creation and have a teeny tiny bit of gods energy and that itself is good enough to call ourselves god but it is much more than that.

If we have free will (which we do!) then we are the ultimate manifestors…so by being creators of our own reality we are god to ourselves. Which is a pretty powerful thought really and we all do believe it hence the popularity of ‘the matrix’. Taking this further into the matrix – we create our own matrix and then we start living in it, having forgotten or buried deep within ourselves that we created it and the keys to the exit are with us.

At some point we decided to experience all that we are experiencing in life. Then we get caught up in the experience and instead of learning from it so we can move on, we start creating spirals and patterns of the same experience. There is however a plan with milestones that we had chalked out for ourselves and as we deviate from the plan we get hit over and over again so we get back on track.

The question is of course – which parts are our manifestation and which parts are design? There is no simple answer and as with everything metaphysical you have to look within. If you are at peace no matter what you are going through then it’s divine design. There is a certain sense of acceptance and a sense of knowing, as if you know all long. All the angst comes from deviating from the path and recreating the pattern over and over again. if you see yourself recreating the pattern then you need to learn something from it. And once you do then you move on to the next chapter and the next lesson.rassouli-03-09-scentoflove

Some patterns are easy to break; it takes little or no time. These are the ones we picked up on the way or while deviating from the path, or are remnants of learnt lessons. For the big ones, it’s the onion peel process. It will probably take a long time. But each time it gets easier, you deal with it better and you can see through the matrix of illusion.

To break the cycle of negative manifestation, try this simple 3 step process.
First is awareness – the signs are all around us, we just need to stop and read them. It could be a pattern in our lives, it could be our body trying to speak to us, so examine recurring physical ailments or discomfort, it could be a relationship or a situation which is unresolved. Looking within is an amazing thing but you can look outside around you because you are creating outside what is within. Sometimes just by being aware resolves the issue.
Once you have awareness of the issue, the second step is to look within for the answers. What is it that you could do differently that would resolve the issue – here it is all about you because remember you have created your reality, so a cheating husband or and obsessive mother are all your creations. Figure out how you feel at the core. For e.g., it could be feeling unloved or feeling unworthy of love – both are about love but will lead to different answers and solutions.

And lastly, make your free will choice to not feel that way anymore. Some of the DIY tools you can use are Affirmations (Louise Hay and Lise Bourbeau), Mantras (Thomas Ashley Farrand), Crystals (Judy Hall) or even guided meditation (Kelly Howell).

Some of the sites I enjoy…. (Lise Bourbeau)

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