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The Green Kingdom

Once upon a time, there lived a king in his beautiful kingdom. The kingdom was blessed with all of natures bounty – blue skies, puffy white clouds, a happy sun, riots of bright flowers, red roof houses, the works!

All was well and fine in this kingdom till one fine day the King woke up to find that his eyes were failing him. The royal physician was summoned, who was unable to heal him. Other physicians were summoned but with no results.

Finally a very learned man was passing through the kingdom and the King decided to share his woes with the man.

The learned man thought about it and said ‘there is one solution O King, if you can manage to see only the colour green for the next 6 months you will be cured. The king who was quite desperate by now, readily agreed.

disney_castle_by_trulyscrum1-d4anc7pAs soon as the monk left the kingdom was a flurry of activity, everything was painted green.The houses and their roofs, the bark of the trees, the water in the kingdom was tinted green. Even people were painted green.

Months passed and people became accustomed to the new green world and they wondered how they managed to live with so much colour. And then into the kingdom came the same learned man.

The king ran to the monk and showed him the green kingdom with great pride. ‘Am I cured then?’ the king asked. The learned man looked at the king and then around the green kingdom.

‘O King’, said the learned man, ‘all I asked was for you to get a pair of green coloured glasses!’

We live our lives trying to colour our own small Kingdoms. Trying to our parents, kids, spouses and friends, when all we need to change is ourselves 😉

The opening and closing of doors

1 Bob-Marley-Quotes-When-one-door-is-closed-dont-you-know-that-many-more-are-open. pull-the-door-when-it-says-push-funny-quotes bell


The funny quote is strangely the one that is making so much sense to me. Sometimes it’s not a different door and sometimes it’s not even closed but we are pushing instead of pulling. Anyways, may all doors always be open to you.

Random Posts ☕

Woke up to some lovely posts today….looks like the world is responding to all the mommie love energies 🙂

Here they are in no particular order or theme…





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