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Love Divided – Bedtime Tales 2

When Leo was about six months old, one day, bright and early, Mama and Papa called him over for a chat.

‘Leo puppy’, said Papa, ‘would you like a play-mate? You had such a good time playing with Milo, would you like someone to play with all the time?’

‘Yes, yes of course, Papa’, said Leo

‘Let’s go then’, said Mama, ‘to meet your new playmate’

And so Papa drove them over to a house close by. Inside the house was a stout Mama Dog, and Leo puppy went forward to pay his respects. Suddenly he felt something on his leg. He looked down to see what was pinching him. And there was a little walking-talking toy which was trying to chew his leg.

1 Leo puppy decided to pick up the toy and keep it aside but as soon as he put the toy in his mouth, the toy started squeaking. Leo puppy dropped the toy in shock. The he looked around to see that Mama dog was laughing really loudly. And so were Mama and Papa.

‘Say hello to Olive’, said Mama to Leo. 6

At that, Olive yipped and ran around Leo puppy, inviting him to play.

Leo puppy was all to happy to play with her. But all to soon Papa said it was time to leave. And imagine Leo’s surprise when Olive got into the car with them.

And Mama put Olive on her Lap!

By the time they got home, Leo was not a happy puppy, not at all.

But as soon as they entered, Papa took Leo puppy aside and asked him what was wrong. 3

Leo puppy looked at Papa with tears in his eyes and said ‘Papa, I thought I would go over to Olive’s house to play, I didn’t know she would come and stay with us!’

‘Leo Puppy, I should have explained better’, said Papa. ‘Olive is now your little sister and we went to get her home. We want you to love her and protect her, she is such a tiny little thing, isn’t she. And you had so much fun playing with her din’t you?

‘Yes, yes I did Papa’, said Leo, brightening up a little.

But then he looked sad again and said, ‘But Mama loves me less already’

So Papa gathered Leo puppy in his strong arms and said to Leo, ‘Leo Puppy, the most amazing thing about Love is that when there are more people to love, our hearts grow bigger and there is more love to give for everybody. Now that Ollie has come into our lives, the love in our house has doubled.

Just then Ollie rushed out and started nipping at Papa’s feet. Leo puppy gave Papa a big lick on the face and jumped down to chase his little sister.

Bedtime Tales I – Size does Matter 



The Green Kingdom

Once upon a time, there lived a king in his beautiful kingdom. The kingdom was blessed with all of natures bounty – blue skies, puffy white clouds, a happy sun, riots of bright flowers, red roof houses, the works!

All was well and fine in this kingdom till one fine day the King woke up to find that his eyes were failing him. The royal physician was summoned, who was unable to heal him. Other physicians were summoned but with no results.

Finally a very learned man was passing through the kingdom and the King decided to share his woes with the man.

The learned man thought about it and said ‘there is one solution O King, if you can manage to see only the colour green for the next 6 months you will be cured. The king who was quite desperate by now, readily agreed.

disney_castle_by_trulyscrum1-d4anc7pAs soon as the monk left the kingdom was a flurry of activity, everything was painted green.The houses and their roofs, the bark of the trees, the water in the kingdom was tinted green. Even people were painted green.

Months passed and people became accustomed to the new green world and they wondered how they managed to live with so much colour. And then into the kingdom came the same learned man.

The king ran to the monk and showed him the green kingdom with great pride. ‘Am I cured then?’ the king asked. The learned man looked at the king and then around the green kingdom.

‘O King’, said the learned man, ‘all I asked was for you to get a pair of green coloured glasses!’

We live our lives trying to colour our own small Kingdoms. Trying to our parents, kids, spouses and friends, when all we need to change is ourselves 😉

The Boy and the Flower

Quite the saddest story I’ve ever heard…

There was once a little boy, a happy, sunny, playful little boy. One day, his mama called him over and told him it was time to go to school. She told him of little kids his age, of big playing fields, and all the fun he would have. The little boy was really happy and really excited to go to school. The next day, School was all it was promised to be and the little boy had a skip in his step as he went in for class. 

In class his teacher announced that it was going to be an art class. The little boy was happy because he loved to draw. He especially loved to draw planes and bicycles and cars. 

We shall draw a flower today, continued the teacher. The little boy was happy, he liked to draw flowers as well. So he picked up his favourite purple crayon and started to draw the stem of the flower. The colour of the stem will be green, said the teacher. So the little boy dropped his purple crayon and drew a pretty green stem. He then started making a bright blue flower to match the stem. No no, little boy, said the teacher, the flower should be a beautiful red. And so was the little boys first picture. And so continued the happy, skippy little boy in that school. 
A few months later, the little boy and his family moved to another town and he went to a new school. And very soon it was his favourite art class.

What should we draw?, asked the little boy. Anything you like, said the smiling teacher. What colours should I use?, asked the little boy. Whatever you feel like, replied the teacher. 

So the little boy drew a green stem with a red flower.


The post doesn’t really need an after but there is so much that gets stifled so early in life, it really breaks your heart. Love, joy, creativity. I learnt how to hug at 35 years of age. I used to do that awkward sideways, not quite touching thing coz I din’t know how. I want to spend the next 35 yrs hugging as much as possible!! And to paint purple skies and orange clouds. And to smile. A lot. 

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