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Chakras of Manifestation – Root chakra – The Fortress

abstract red painted picture with circle pattern mandala of muladhara chakra

abstract red painted picture with circle pattern mandala of muladhara chakra

The root holds a plant to the ground. It sustains and is the foundation of the whole tree. Similarly the base chakra or the root
chakra is the foundation of our life and is concerned with our basic survival needs as well as our material needs including wealth,
prosperity and abundance.

The pattern of how our survival needs are met is shaped during childhood and remains even after we break the dependency on our
care-givers, namely our parents. If we are brought up to consider our basic needs as necessary, we develop a healthy attitude with
regard to ourselves and the way we treat ourselves.

On the other hand take a simple example of a bigger child snatching a toy from a younger child. In this instance the younger child will run to his parent and ideally the parent should maintain trust with the child by giving the child back what belongs to him. If the parent does not and this pattern is repeated many times, the child will have trust issues as he gets older. Not supporting the child also conflicts with the basic safety need required for the healthy growth of a child. Simple acts as these result in mistrust and fear which are root chakra imbalances.

An unbalanced root chakra can manifest as problems in the immune system, reproductive organs, feet, leg, rectum, tailbone, and prostate gland. The root chakra controls the adrenal glands and organs in the lower abdomen as well as the rectum and kidneys. Hence an out of balance root chakra causes diseases like constipation, sciatica, arthritis, anorexia, obesity, eating disorders as well as pain in the lower back, knees and joints. Osteoporosis and other bone and skeleton disorders find their origin in a blocked root chakra as well as auto-immune disorders, frequent illness, fibromyalgia, obesity and weight problems.

On an emotional level a block in the root chakra results in a lower self-esteem, emotional dependency, defensive attitude, tendency to procrastinate, inability to focus on a single task or a lack of career direction. Feeling unsettled, chronic fatigue, feeling unsupported, unable to “let go” of people, places, things – all point to a root chakra issue.

Root chakra issues are mostly physical and the an appropriate way to deal with them is through physical action. Martial arts, Tai chi, walking, running, yoga and gardening establish our connection to the earth and keep us grounded – basic requirements for healing the root chakra.

To make things happen in the physical world, we draw our energy from the root chakra. One of the main functions of the root chakra is to solidify, to make real. The base chakra is essential in manifesting any idea, dream or concept. The desire to act, to do, to move is the expression of the energy of the root chakra. An inability to manifest material abundance into one’s life is a sign of a root chakra imbalance.
Our means of survival – food, shelter, light, money are supplied by others. This makes us habitually fearful as we fear these can be taken away from us. Constant fear manifests itself as stress. Depending on the personality of a person, stress and fear show up either as aggression or withdrawal and efforts of help are perceived as a threat. Staying in a constant state of stress and alertness, causes an emotional burnout and results in poor motivation. Poor motivation is one of the main features of insufficient energy in the root chakra.
The root chakra is located at the spine at the tailbone. it’s element is the Earth and the color is red. It is often symbolised by a square. Since its element is the earth, it most related to the physical body.
and is the most dense. To heal the root try walking barefoot on the grass or stomping your feet. As the root chakra is associated with the color red, including red foods in your diet will help balance the root chakra. Red foods and foods that grow in the ground include foods such as, carrots, potatoes, parsnips, pomegranates. Red foods would also include red meat and eggs. Spices like pepper nourish the root chakra.
The root chakra must be well balanced so that we can anchor and use the spiritual energy for our well-being and development. It gives us the energy and the motivation needed to put to good use whatever resources are available.


Chakra Basics

Started writing the next chapter of Weight Loss Chronicles and realized that it needs a note on the chakras first. One can write infinitely about the chakras and now looks like this post will go into the chapter format as well – what fun! :). This is the basic bit….love this image, it’s done by Pieter Weltevrede, love all of his art.


Located at the base of the spine this chakra represents our roots, our grounded-ness, our connection to the earth. Our basic survival needs and instincts reside here. The urge to fight or flight, the roof over our heads, all our material wants and desires.
At the physical level, when this chakra is not working to it’s optimal it affects the feet, legs, the base of the spine and the coccyx area. At the metaphysical level it’s malfunction can cause financial or material problems.
For enhancing well being of this chakra, wear the colours of the earth i.e. reds and browns. Use deep red earth crystals like the red jasper.

Our pleasure chakra, located above the root and below the navel. Joy, creativity and procreation emanate from this chakra. When it whirls freely we open ourselves to the pleasures of life, surround ourselves with beauty and enjoyment.
This chakra affects our sexual organs, the kidneys and the hips.
To allow joy into your life surround yourself with vibrant orange. Wear jewelry with carnelians.

Solar Plexus:
In between the navel and the heart is our solar plexus chakra. This is the seat of our power and control, confidence and self esteem (just think about the butterflies in your stomach before a presentation!)
Stress and lifestyle diseases hit us here. The stomach, liver, pancreas and middle vertebrae are affected by this chakra.
Bright happy yellow is the colour of this chakra and the effervescent citrine the crystal to balance it.

No points for guessing this one. Brimming with love, heartfelt thanks, heart going out to someone in pain – in the centre of the chest, this chakra is about love, compassion, gratitude and forgiveness.
It extends from the heart to the arms, right down to the hands.
Use pinks and greens to activate this chakra. The beautiful rose quartz is the perfect crystal for this chakra.

We use this chakra for expressing and communicating. It helps expressing love or creativity, communicating with confidence or kindness. It affects the throat, neck, esophagus, thyroid.
This chakra responds to pure blues. The aquamarine is a great crystal for this chakra.

Third Eye:
In between our brows is our third eye chakra, our minds eye. It is responsible for vision, insights strategy and their successful implementation. Balancing this chakra helps the eyes, ears, nose and the neurological system.
Use indigo for this chakra, the colour and energies of the lapis Lazuli

Just as the root is our connection to the earth, the crown is our connection to the divine. Faith and connectedness, in a higher power, in humanity and in yourself are the keywords here.
It is the existence chakra therefore relates to the pituitary gland and the central nervous system. When this chakra is in imbalance one feels frazzled and disconnected.
Violet or pure white are the colours of an enlightened being. Use a clear quartz or an amethyst to balance this chakra.


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