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Migraines and More

The causes of Migraines are many and varied. And I will list them down. But when in the throes of one, you really don’t have the capacity to analyse your thoughts or emotions so this post is mostly about the non-medicinal alternates for curing Migraines.

Different things work for me so I go with what feels right at that point in time. Sometimes I go through the entire list and end up doing 2 or 3 different things. Sometimes none of this works and I just do some OTC drugs 🙂

One thing is for sure – if you catch the migraine at the onset, it is easiest to get rid of. Here is the list of cures that work for me, in order of efficacy.

1. Breathing: Usually a headache or migraine is due to the lack of oxygen in the brain. Especially when stressed, the first thing that happens to us is that our breathing gets compromised. When you have a headache just test your breath – most likely one of your nostrils will be blocked. Just gulping in huge amounts of fresh air can be a simple cure. Just breathe in as deeply as you can and breathe out as much as you can. Usually an 8 breath cycle works. If not, continue for another 8 till it works.

The other breathing exercise is anulom vilom or the alternate nostril breath, where you block off one nostril and breathe in through the other and then alternate. Please check this link ( to do this the right way.

2. Bathing: A hot shower can also help clear a nasal passage, making it easier to breathe and therefore reducing the headache. A shower also clears the crown chakra and if the migraine is because of a blocked crown then a salt shower can help even better.

3. Crystals: It’s just about finding the right one – the Lapis lazuli works for me, as does the smokey quartz. The black tourmaline also works with all aches and pains. A friend of mine swears by the amethyst. Placement is usually on the forehead or the point of pain. If working with two crystals, I put one on the head and the second under the tailbone. Basic principle is to choose the one you are attracted to.

4. Chanting:  2 mantra’s really work for me. The Ganesha mantra ‘om gum ganapataye namah‘ and the sikh mool mantra ‘ek onkar, satnam’. Chant for 108 times or till the pain is gone.

5. Follow the pain: my Reiki teacher had taught me this one and it’s amazing how this works when done correctly. Basically you pay attention to the pain and try and follow it to the point of origin. Eg. if the pain is deep in the eye (mine is mostly there), you follow it from the eye to deep within your skull, till you come to the point of origin. The second you touch the origin of the pain it disappears. The caveat with this is a lot of times you fall asleep just before you get to that point. Nonetheless, the little nap also helps.

6. Awareness: check out the reason for the migraine, the metaphysical reason that is. Migraines are mostly about conflicted thinking, so if you know what you are conflicted about just think it through. Or it’s guilt – a lot of times related to not doing something. Both Louise Hay and Lise Bourbeau have these in detail.

The one they don’t mention is the crown chakra pressure or a negative energy around you, which you can feel on the top of your head or surrounding the head. And people will say things about psychic attacks and energy vampires but it is mostly your own energy or emotion that you are unable to release. Here a simple salt bath or clearance with sage or the mantra ‘ek onkar, satnam’ really works. I actually do all three – burn sage incense in the bath, chant and have a salt shower.



Crystal love – Smoky Quartz


The pic really doesn’t do it justice….

A crystal shop is to me what a candy store is to a child. I love, want, desire mostly the entire shop . There are so many that hold my heart, it’s virtually impossible to work or play with with just one. This post is however for the Smoky Quartz. Just because.

The description that it is a gray-black quartz is way too bland to describe the translucent-refractive depths of this beautiful crystal. Looking into the crystal you can see the sky, just before it rains, it isn’t wet yet but you can feel the wetness in the air. It feels like the water of a lake in a cloudy winter day. Or maybe a chunk of ice from a frozen lake. All you want to do is immerse yourself in it’s depths.

Usually I am quite happy with both the tumbled and the raw form of crystals. I do prefer working with the raw but love the look of the tumbled ones as well. But not this one. The smoky quartz must be raw. That’s the rule (or it should be 🙂

For the usual spiritual properties of the smoky quartz please see (it’s my favourite site for crystal info ). For me this magical stone does so much more. It is a base chakra stone and it is so amazing to keep it at the tailbone – you can actually feel the tension and stress leaving your body, the root relaxing and the chakra opening up. For me it is a major pain alleviating stone. Any kind of pain, small or big, ache or just discomfort – just placing the Smoky quartz makes it so much better. You the feeling of your skin being hot with the pain? – the minute you put this cool crystal on it, you can feel it subside.

It works wonderfully well for migraines as well. I place it on the forehead, crown, and on the eyes. It works exceptionally well with deep breathing. There’s more to tell for natural migraine cures – watch this space for it.

And the most amazing thing this stone does is that it keeps nightmares at bay. Just slip it under the pillow and get a good nights sleep. Oh and believe it or not, it also keeps mosquitos away ! For me, the smokey quartz works on the root, the solar plexus and the crown chakra. Acid Reflux – place it on your solar plexus. Energy clearance – work with it on your crown. Grounding – on the arch of your foot.

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