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The opening and closing of doors

1 Bob-Marley-Quotes-When-one-door-is-closed-dont-you-know-that-many-more-are-open. pull-the-door-when-it-says-push-funny-quotes bell


The funny quote is strangely the one that is making so much sense to me. Sometimes it’s not a different door and sometimes it’s not even closed but we are pushing instead of pulling. Anyways, may all doors always be open to you.


The Two Tumblers

There were once two glass tumblers who went to a glass merchant to sell their talents. The bigger stronger of the two stepped up to the merchant and said, ‘I am strong, I am tough, I am unbreakable. I guarantee to give your customers lifelong service’. The merchant was very happy to hear this and decided to place the glass at the entrance of the shop. He then looked at the other glass tumbler who said, ‘Dear merchant, I am a really delicate, I could chip easily and I need a safe and comfortable place’. Alrighty then, said the merchant, and picked up the glass with a soft cloth and placed it in a nice velvet case. Image

Everyday customers would come to the merchant and the merchant would show them the unbreakable glass. Try throwing it on the ground, he would say, it’ll not break; kick it and see not a scratch. And the customers would try and be very impressed. When they would ask what’s in the case, the merchant would pull out his gloves to them and say, have a look but be very gentle with it.

The story doesn’t really have a punch line or a moral. We have the choice of which glass we want to be. God is the merchant and the customers’ the world around us.

The question is do you want to proclaim to the world that you are strong and keep being tested? Because the best way to check if something is unbreakable is to try to break it. Every time we tell ourselves (or others) that we are strong enough to handle anything, the message goes out to the universe to come test that claim.

Me, I’d rather be treated with kid gloves;)

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