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The Weight-Loss Chronicles 5 – Tummy Trouble

The overall weight-loss story is a Solar Plexus chakra story. Remember when we talked about fight vs flight and its impact on weight. The fight is when we feel a loss of control or start resisting something. This chakra is all about Power, Control, Will, Self Worth & Ego. The ‘controlling’ of weight as it were, therefore, belongs to this Chakra. The Solar Plexus is the band above the navel and below the heart.

The thing with the tummy is that it is partly the Solar and partly the Sacral and it is difficult to talk about one without the other. The ‘key’ is actually the Solar Plexus, as it has a part to play in the overall weight story. The connections happen when we start talking about a sweet tooth and about our lust for Chocolate. A Chocolate obsession, in my book, puts you in the Sacral category and an overall sweet tooth is the Solar.

There is an interesting story on Diabetes as well. The connection with the organs makes it both a Solar and Sacral story. If you have Diabetes, try and figure out when you discovered you had it. Chances are that it was the point when good things started happening to you. Diabetes is literally ‘inability to process sweet’ and if you take that thought forward to life…it’s the inability to process the sweetness of life. So, actually diabetes happens when life becomes sweet (after much hardship or lack) and the body-mind-spirit has forgotten how to handle it. A great affirmation is ‘I’m ready to enjoy the sweetness of life’. Please note that you should not stop medication but do go for regular tests to see if there is improvement.

Anyways, back to the Solar Plexus Chakra. Now think about all of the associated words and their context to weight. Willpower to not eat that cake? Fat and worthless? Binge eating or out of control eating? You get my drift right? And it is really easy to break it down for yourself. Take Power to start with. When do you feel powerless? Helpless? Is that when you start eating? Now the powerlessness could be related to a security issue you have and you may end up putting on weight on your butt, however, the trigger to binge will be activated at the Solar level.

If you start putting on weight at the tummy first. Or basically are apple-shaped, then it’s a solar story with you. And it’s important to note if it’s below navel or above navel. Below is a Sacral Chakra story. If you simply put on weight evenly across your body, that is a Solar story as well.

Think about the situations / instances that made you start putting on weight or makes you put on more weight. Think about the triggers. Even if you feel that it’s physical. So you had a week long party or were on holiday, just get in touch with the emotions you felt. A holiday is meant to relax us, but in truth, we think about our work, colleagues, and all the insecurities pour in, and we put on weight. Stress eating is a complete Solar story.

Going back to the words. The Solar Plexus is distressed when you feel Powerless or Helpless. When you feel Out of Control, or when situations look Out of Control. When you feel less Worthy or not good enough.

What is interesting is that most of the words associated with the Solar can be considered external or in relation to others. But are actually very very internal. All issues of worthiness are always internal. And the external is just mirror for how we feel internally. And a lot of times it really is internal because when you check with the person who supposedly put you down, you will realize that the person meant something entirely different from what you understood.

Self worth is an interesting story and I feel I’m rambling now, so I’ll try and put it down in bullet points 🙂

– If you exist, you are worthy! Like the butterfly effect, only the divine knows what your purpose is and by existing you are meeting your purpose. There is no need for anything more – so just do what makes you happy.

– Don’t define yourself by what you Do but by who you are. And remember that you are perfect as you are.

– Be happy with who you are. Stop berating yourself over shoulds and musts. Believe yourself worthy of saying Yes to yourself (even if it means saying no to others)

– Try not to compare yourself to other people. You will never know their full story.

The control story is all about trust. You know the over-controlling boss has trust issues! When you feel that things are not in control, take a deep long breath and say ‘I choose to trust’. Even when things look bleak, just trust that the storm is simply leading you to the rainbow. A great affirmation for the Solar plexus is ‘I flow with the flow of life’ or ‘I surrender to the will of the universe’ (I love love  the second one – makes me feel like I’m dissolving into the universal energy).

Another aspect of control is letting go. You know where this is headed right? So, constipation – and therefore holding on to weight. Try ‘I let go and I let flow’.

The last aspect is power. And this about examining the definition of power and the reasons you feel powerless. Being true to yourself is the most powerful thing in the world. Do check an earlier post on power  – ode to shakti. 

I love the Citrine – it’s is a great crystal to work with the Solar Plexus. I even use it to aid digestion after an overly indulgent meal 😉

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The Weight-Loss Chronicles: Chapter 2 – Thank your Fat


In chapter one, we discussed the reason for weight – fat and thin. Now with that perspective, take a step back and see why does fat exist in our bodies. (And no, it’s not there to torture you:) ) Quite the opposite actually. It’s there to protect you. You know that sea mammals have this really dense layer of fat which protects them from the cold water. The key word here is protection – our fat exists because it believes that it is protecting us.
All the little hurts and the big ones – emotional not physical – makes the mind want to protect itself and as the body is the physical manifestation of the mind, that’s where the fat shows up.
This doesn’t mean that thin people don’t get hurt, it just means that their response is to run from the emotion. The people who fight the emotion layer up on the fat for protection.
So when you are feeling vulnerable or unprotected your body starts putting up it’s protection. The first thing to do is affirm to your mind and body that you are safe. A lovely affirmation is –
‘I am safe. I am secure. I am protected’
All the better if you can visualize your safe place while doing the affirmation.
The second exercise to do especially while getting into bed is to talk to your fat. Place your hands on your solar plexus and start by thanking your fat, thanking your body, for being so considerate to you. Mind you – this is love talk so no abuses, rudeness or sarcasm. You body knows when you are being genuine. So talk to your body as you would talk to a 2 yr old.
Thank it for protecting you and keeping you safe. But also let your body know that you are alright now and you don’t need the protection anymore. That it is alright for the fat to melt away now. Use your own words, just make sure they are soft, loving, positive words.
Affirmations work best when done for 21 days, with a minimum of 21 times. I mostly do them through the day.
Go on try it till the next chapter on the Chakras & Weight


The Weight Loss Chronicles Chapter 1: The metaphysics of weight

quote3webThis is a story that needs to be told in parts. The initial post is about the metaphysics of weight gain (and loss) at the macro level, the next part will go into different body types, then further on to body parts, then on to the food we eat and why we eat what we eat. Maybe not necessarily in that order but I will start with the big picture first.

For those seeking a big weight loss in 20 seconds – this is not the post you want to follow 🙂

This post is to understand the why of weight gain, get some tips and simple suggestions to start the process. The desired outcome of these posts is to either shed some weight or simply be happy with the shape you are. And the amazing bit about being the latter is that the former actually happens.

Weight is an interesting story in the metaphysical context. It goes way way back into our basic instincts. We are born with two basic instincts – fight or flight! Both are survival instincts, when faced with any danger or threat one of the instincts takes over for us to survive. When threatened we are designed to do whatever it takes to survive, to live. Neither is good or bad – whichever works for us to live is perfect.

In the civilized world, these instincts manifest for situations that make us feel threatened – hurt, afraid, concerned, worried, angry. As survival is taken for granted, the instinct kicks in when we feel any of these emotions.

How we look at the two words – flight and fight – actually defines us. I always felt that the word ‘flight’ had a negative connotation to it and you guessed it – I’m a fighter all right (or Was)! Now ask my husband and he’ll tell you ‘don’t fight, it’s not good’, that’s because he has negative associations with the word fight.

SO, the first question is – are you a fighter or a flighter?

What does it take to be a fighter? A strong, solid body right? Something that can withstand attack. And what does it take to be a flighter? Supple legs and nimble feet? You know what I’m building up to right?

Our metabolism takes its cues from here… if you are essentially a fighter, then you need to be pretty solid to hold your ground and you need the weight. If you are a flighter then you need to be light and nimble on your feet.

And yes, I do the battle with weight and he is a marathon runner 😉

Another way of identifying if you are a fighter or a flighter is to watch the words you use. Do you say I’m fighting to get this done or batting the urge to …and so on.

Here’s the first tip – if you are a fighter, love and accept it. Anything that makes you survive remember.

The second question is who or what are you fighting? Authority? Injustice? Yourself? Your nature? We are taught at an early age to fight for all this and more. Gandhi talked about ‘turning the other cheek’ and look how skinny he was!

Jokes aside, here’s the first few steps to take immediately –

1. Identify what you are fighting. And why.

2. Reduce the number of fights you have. If you are fighting the clock, relax and choose to be late. If you are fighting the urge to eat the cheesecake, relax and give in to it. If you tend to fight with people, choose to walk away.

3. Stop using the word fight and it’s variants. Start using active words like ‘lemme run and do this..’.

4. Be active. All the metaphysics in the world won’t make you thin if you are a couch potato…you have to get up and get moving. It will help you get moving though and speed up the process of shedding the unnecessary fat.

The big question is – will this spiritual healing help me lose weight? And if not, then why should I try it? The simple answer is that as you heal your barriers to weight-loss you will find yourself motivated to be more active or to eat the right things. The magic is in dissolving the barriers to a healthy you.

Next up: Thank your fat


Migraines and More

The causes of Migraines are many and varied. And I will list them down. But when in the throes of one, you really don’t have the capacity to analyse your thoughts or emotions so this post is mostly about the non-medicinal alternates for curing Migraines.

Different things work for me so I go with what feels right at that point in time. Sometimes I go through the entire list and end up doing 2 or 3 different things. Sometimes none of this works and I just do some OTC drugs 🙂

One thing is for sure – if you catch the migraine at the onset, it is easiest to get rid of. Here is the list of cures that work for me, in order of efficacy.

1. Breathing: Usually a headache or migraine is due to the lack of oxygen in the brain. Especially when stressed, the first thing that happens to us is that our breathing gets compromised. When you have a headache just test your breath – most likely one of your nostrils will be blocked. Just gulping in huge amounts of fresh air can be a simple cure. Just breathe in as deeply as you can and breathe out as much as you can. Usually an 8 breath cycle works. If not, continue for another 8 till it works.

The other breathing exercise is anulom vilom or the alternate nostril breath, where you block off one nostril and breathe in through the other and then alternate. Please check this link ( to do this the right way.

2. Bathing: A hot shower can also help clear a nasal passage, making it easier to breathe and therefore reducing the headache. A shower also clears the crown chakra and if the migraine is because of a blocked crown then a salt shower can help even better.

3. Crystals: It’s just about finding the right one – the Lapis lazuli works for me, as does the smokey quartz. The black tourmaline also works with all aches and pains. A friend of mine swears by the amethyst. Placement is usually on the forehead or the point of pain. If working with two crystals, I put one on the head and the second under the tailbone. Basic principle is to choose the one you are attracted to.

4. Chanting:  2 mantra’s really work for me. The Ganesha mantra ‘om gum ganapataye namah‘ and the sikh mool mantra ‘ek onkar, satnam’. Chant for 108 times or till the pain is gone.

5. Follow the pain: my Reiki teacher had taught me this one and it’s amazing how this works when done correctly. Basically you pay attention to the pain and try and follow it to the point of origin. Eg. if the pain is deep in the eye (mine is mostly there), you follow it from the eye to deep within your skull, till you come to the point of origin. The second you touch the origin of the pain it disappears. The caveat with this is a lot of times you fall asleep just before you get to that point. Nonetheless, the little nap also helps.

6. Awareness: check out the reason for the migraine, the metaphysical reason that is. Migraines are mostly about conflicted thinking, so if you know what you are conflicted about just think it through. Or it’s guilt – a lot of times related to not doing something. Both Louise Hay and Lise Bourbeau have these in detail.

The one they don’t mention is the crown chakra pressure or a negative energy around you, which you can feel on the top of your head or surrounding the head. And people will say things about psychic attacks and energy vampires but it is mostly your own energy or emotion that you are unable to release. Here a simple salt bath or clearance with sage or the mantra ‘ek onkar, satnam’ really works. I actually do all three – burn sage incense in the bath, chant and have a salt shower.



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