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Chakras of Manifestation – Root chakra – The Fortress

abstract red painted picture with circle pattern mandala of muladhara chakra

abstract red painted picture with circle pattern mandala of muladhara chakra

The root holds a plant to the ground. It sustains and is the foundation of the whole tree. Similarly the base chakra or the root
chakra is the foundation of our life and is concerned with our basic survival needs as well as our material needs including wealth,
prosperity and abundance.

The pattern of how our survival needs are met is shaped during childhood and remains even after we break the dependency on our
care-givers, namely our parents. If we are brought up to consider our basic needs as necessary, we develop a healthy attitude with
regard to ourselves and the way we treat ourselves.

On the other hand take a simple example of a bigger child snatching a toy from a younger child. In this instance the younger child will run to his parent and ideally the parent should maintain trust with the child by giving the child back what belongs to him. If the parent does not and this pattern is repeated many times, the child will have trust issues as he gets older. Not supporting the child also conflicts with the basic safety need required for the healthy growth of a child. Simple acts as these result in mistrust and fear which are root chakra imbalances.

An unbalanced root chakra can manifest as problems in the immune system, reproductive organs, feet, leg, rectum, tailbone, and prostate gland. The root chakra controls the adrenal glands and organs in the lower abdomen as well as the rectum and kidneys. Hence an out of balance root chakra causes diseases like constipation, sciatica, arthritis, anorexia, obesity, eating disorders as well as pain in the lower back, knees and joints. Osteoporosis and other bone and skeleton disorders find their origin in a blocked root chakra as well as auto-immune disorders, frequent illness, fibromyalgia, obesity and weight problems.

On an emotional level a block in the root chakra results in a lower self-esteem, emotional dependency, defensive attitude, tendency to procrastinate, inability to focus on a single task or a lack of career direction. Feeling unsettled, chronic fatigue, feeling unsupported, unable to “let go” of people, places, things – all point to a root chakra issue.

Root chakra issues are mostly physical and the an appropriate way to deal with them is through physical action. Martial arts, Tai chi, walking, running, yoga and gardening establish our connection to the earth and keep us grounded – basic requirements for healing the root chakra.

To make things happen in the physical world, we draw our energy from the root chakra. One of the main functions of the root chakra is to solidify, to make real. The base chakra is essential in manifesting any idea, dream or concept. The desire to act, to do, to move is the expression of the energy of the root chakra. An inability to manifest material abundance into one’s life is a sign of a root chakra imbalance.
Our means of survival – food, shelter, light, money are supplied by others. This makes us habitually fearful as we fear these can be taken away from us. Constant fear manifests itself as stress. Depending on the personality of a person, stress and fear show up either as aggression or withdrawal and efforts of help are perceived as a threat. Staying in a constant state of stress and alertness, causes an emotional burnout and results in poor motivation. Poor motivation is one of the main features of insufficient energy in the root chakra.
The root chakra is located at the spine at the tailbone. it’s element is the Earth and the color is red. It is often symbolised by a square. Since its element is the earth, it most related to the physical body.
and is the most dense. To heal the root try walking barefoot on the grass or stomping your feet. As the root chakra is associated with the color red, including red foods in your diet will help balance the root chakra. Red foods and foods that grow in the ground include foods such as, carrots, potatoes, parsnips, pomegranates. Red foods would also include red meat and eggs. Spices like pepper nourish the root chakra.
The root chakra must be well balanced so that we can anchor and use the spiritual energy for our well-being and development. It gives us the energy and the motivation needed to put to good use whatever resources are available.

Reiki & Weight Loss

The big question is – can it help and how can it help? 

The answer is a big YES!

Not in a quick fix kind of way. But in a gentle, easy, loving way which clears the reason for the weight. 

You may not wake up in the morning a few Kilos less but you will observe a few things after Reiki. 

You will have a new vitality, you may find yourself waking up bright and early ready to seize the day. You will find that you suddenly have more energy. Energy for physical things, not sitting on the chair an typing. Energy to get up and get moving. Maybe even the desire to go for a walk 😉

You will find a need for healthy food. If you feed your body a lot of junk, you might find may find yourself reach for that apple instead. Over time it will become impossible to finish that bar of chocolate in one sitting. 

A door will open for you. You may find a wonderful yoga class in the vicinity or you may fall in love with Zumba. 

And maybe you won’t lose any weight at all but recognise that you are perfect as you are 🙂

As Reiki clears up your energy and fills you beautiful loving light you find that you listen to your body more, you are more aware of the messages and opportunity that Spirit sends your way. The void that you filled with junk food will be filled with loving light instead. Your body will need to expend this new energy it has and you will find constructive ways to channel it.  

It will be a slow and gentle process but the wonderful thing is that you will not need to force yourself to make any changes. They will happen. And it will be effortless. And it will become a way of life. It will be who you are, who you always needed to be.  


Why me?

486689_475257532554976_1122425409_n ego

Sometimes shit happens. And most of us feel that we would be able to handle the shit better if we knew why? If we could make some rational sense out of it or connect the dots to the future result, the shit would be so easy to bear. Like when you are pregnant, all the physical and emotional drama is totally worth it because the result is worth anything and everything.

Unfortunately we don’t :(. So then the question is, why do bad things happen to good people? Especially for people on the spiritual path – with all the clearing, healing, understanding, why does the path have obstacles? You think you’ve resolved something and there it is again.

I went through two years of no illness, not even a cold and somewhere along the way the joy of feeling well gave way to ‘I’m a healer so I can’t be sick’. Yup, the big bad Ego got in the way. You know how this story ends right? Yup, Doctors and Operating tables. And then I pulled out the big guns for healing myself and my life. And here I am still trying to make sense of ‘why on earth me?’

I’m not fully sure what it is but I do know what it isn’t. It isn’t a punishment from god or the universe. And it is certainly not for (perceived) sins done in the past. You could have been the most perfect being in the world and yet you would be right here. You know the soothsayers and psychics in books and movies, who see their future and still take exactly the same action….they do it because they realize the futility of taking a different action. Because all will lead to the same result. So stop blaming yourself for past (perceived) mistakes. You dint do any. And the universe is certainly not punishing you. No Guilt Now!!

And no blaming others either, this is only your story. The other thing it is not is a test, a test of your fortitude and courage. (For more on this see Don’t be strong. Cry if you want to, scream if you want to and let it all out. While at the crying and screaming do try to figure out how you really feel. Is it the ego or is it real emotion? Is it because you feel you should feel a certain way or do you actually feel that way? Do you feel this coz people have expectations from you? How do you really, truly feel.

And now to the realization. Firstly, fully, openly, accept it. Accept what is happening. Take a deep breath and let it wash over and inside you. The situation is what it is. Without the past and the future.

Second, understand that the timing isn’t right. Not the physical timing but that many other things need to fall into place for it to work out. All you can do is it wait for it. And surrender to the will of the universe (it’s a great affirmation during trying times btw).

If there are blocks, please work on them but be clear on what you are working on. And why.

Lastly – and this is difficult – don’t get attached to the outcome. Trust that all will work out eventually. As long as you feel fine – all is well. The why and the how don’t matter. Sometimes we don’t know what we want. And sometimes we get it and then realize that we dint really want it and sometimes we don’t get it so we are not stuck with it 🙂

Crystal love – Smoky Quartz


The pic really doesn’t do it justice….

A crystal shop is to me what a candy store is to a child. I love, want, desire mostly the entire shop . There are so many that hold my heart, it’s virtually impossible to work or play with with just one. This post is however for the Smoky Quartz. Just because.

The description that it is a gray-black quartz is way too bland to describe the translucent-refractive depths of this beautiful crystal. Looking into the crystal you can see the sky, just before it rains, it isn’t wet yet but you can feel the wetness in the air. It feels like the water of a lake in a cloudy winter day. Or maybe a chunk of ice from a frozen lake. All you want to do is immerse yourself in it’s depths.

Usually I am quite happy with both the tumbled and the raw form of crystals. I do prefer working with the raw but love the look of the tumbled ones as well. But not this one. The smoky quartz must be raw. That’s the rule (or it should be 🙂

For the usual spiritual properties of the smoky quartz please see (it’s my favourite site for crystal info ). For me this magical stone does so much more. It is a base chakra stone and it is so amazing to keep it at the tailbone – you can actually feel the tension and stress leaving your body, the root relaxing and the chakra opening up. For me it is a major pain alleviating stone. Any kind of pain, small or big, ache or just discomfort – just placing the Smoky quartz makes it so much better. You the feeling of your skin being hot with the pain? – the minute you put this cool crystal on it, you can feel it subside.

It works wonderfully well for migraines as well. I place it on the forehead, crown, and on the eyes. It works exceptionally well with deep breathing. There’s more to tell for natural migraine cures – watch this space for it.

And the most amazing thing this stone does is that it keeps nightmares at bay. Just slip it under the pillow and get a good nights sleep. Oh and believe it or not, it also keeps mosquitos away ! For me, the smokey quartz works on the root, the solar plexus and the crown chakra. Acid Reflux – place it on your solar plexus. Energy clearance – work with it on your crown. Grounding – on the arch of your foot.

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