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Trust & The Solar Plexus



Third chakra from the bottom is our Solar Plexus. Our seat of Power & Control. And how much in power and control we feel is a measure of how much we trust. In a sense it is paradoxical relationship between the two. The more we trust, the lesser we feel the need to control and by default feel more in control. Power too is related to both control and trust. We use power tocontrol what we are unable to control. Would we need power if we had trust? Jesus, Buddha, Gandhi had (and still do) power over millions but would we call them powerful men? If we have trust the other two simply become redundant.

While looking for an appropriate pictorial quote for this note, I came across so many quotes on trust. The internet is a vast space and this is the first time I have come across so much bullshit in .028 seconds (according to google). Each and every one of the quotes was about, how easily trust is broken (compared to a second, a crumpled piece of paper) or how you should trust in god but lock your car. And even as I realize that if that’s what I’m seeing, I really need to work on my trust issues , I still think it’s bullshit. How can it take a second to break years of trust? All that means is that when it came to the test of trust – you failed. And if doubt sets in after thats just a spiral downward. Sure it feels safe to be protected but you only put the armour on when you expect to be attacked, right? And it’s the same with God and the car. It seems like an oxymoron – trust but don’t trust!

As a friend pointed out recently, if you have trust, if you can trust, then life is sorted isn’t it? It is the flip side of love. Faith. belief, expression hinge on it. You feel completely safe. It really would be a utopian planet wouldn’t it. But the .028 seconds of google search time proves quite the opposite.

The tough question then is the how to? And it is as easy as choosing to. And it is as difficult as walking naked on the street. Because having trust means showing your true self, exposing your underbelly so to speak. Just writing about it is making my solar plexus palpitate (seriously!).
The only thing to do is to say ‘I trust’ till you do!



When you have faith in a person the heart and mind are in complete harmony. Faith is about closing your eyes and free-falling backwards, trusting the person behind you to catch you. Faith is about knowing that even though you may not get what you want, it is the perfect thing for you. It’s about trusting that what that person is doing is absolutely the right thing. It’s about complete surrender of yourself. Babies have that don’t they – they just fully trust you.
If there is doubt, there is no faith – and some faith, even 99% faith is no faith. It presumes the ‘complete trust’ in its very meaning.

Recently we’ve been talking about words and their real and true meaning. And how the meaning of certain words carry a lot of baggage for us. When someone says they have faith in you, you strive to be that person or to do something to deliver on that faith. We use the word to motivate people, sometimes to make them do things we want them to do. But faith is not about that. If someone has faith in you, then you need to do what you would do anyway or what feels right to do. You don’t need to do what’s expected from you. And vice versa, having faith in somebody means that they may sometimes give you some bitter pills to swallow but do it anyway, it just might save your life.
Faith in god or the divine or the universe is that as well. To know that every experience you have is only there to enrich you. And that’s a toughie. Especially when you lose someone you love and you wonder what enrichment is in that?! Faith is trusting that all that happens is exactly the way it is meant to be. The ultimate is to reach the place when one can thank each experience as it happens.

An interesting question is, who in your life do you have that faith on? If you have faith in one person then you are truly blessed. Now remember this is 100% trust. Try going through a single day, doing whatever that person wants you to do. Without questions, without doubt, without recriminations. Try it though – take a leap of faith!

Break on through the other side…..

Walk through the doors to the magical unknown. Step forward to take a leap of faith to go where no man (or woman) has gone before 🙂


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