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The Weight-Loss Chronicles 3 – Base Chakra & Weight

Now that you have reassured your body that you are safe, it’s time to identify where exactly the fear lies. The simplest and most effective way is to figure out where you start putting on weight. Is it your thighs? Is it your stomach? Or your lower belly?

Lets take this chakra by chakra, starting with the base chakra or the root chakra

Legs, thighs, hips

If your tendency is to start putting on weight here or that this is the only place you put on weight, this is where your body and mind think you need most protection.

The base chakra is a materialistic, physical chakra. It is about the basic necessities of life. It is about how safe you feel, how secure you feel. It is not about whether you have or have not, but about how you feel about it. So you can have plenty but if you feel insecure about it, it causes the body to layer up.

Most people with base chakra blocks will come across as rather materialistic. But if you scratch the surface, you’ll see that they are just using physical things (and that includes money) to just feel safe.

And it still could be about love or money or any of the other chakra issues, as long as the emotion is about feeling fear or insecurity. If love makes you scared – you would fight or flight. So small hips and skinny legs run away from intimacy and the broad hips fight it.

Same with money – if money means power to you then we’re talking about the Solar Plexus chakra and not the Root chakra. If money means safety and security then we’re talking about the Root chakra.

A lot of the Root chakra issues actually relate to finances, because money pays our rent and buys us food. But the issue is not actually money or lack thereof, it’s the insecurity for what money can or can’t buy.

And it is how rich people can be fat around the base as well. Think about how insecure you would feel if you had a million bucks lying around in the house, you would be paranoid right? It’s contradictory but the less you have the less insecure you feel. Think about it. If your bag was full of cash, you would constantly keep an eye on it but if it had almost nothing, you would just toss it anywhere.

SO – the action to take is

1. Understand yourself : Figure out what you fear or what makes you feel unsafe or insecure. See if you feel overly dependent on things and maybe even hoard things.

Thighs usually mean attachment and intimacy. So, do you fear attachment with people? It not only mean a partner but could be friends or even family. Somewhere in the past you were hurt and now you are afraid to open up to people. A good affirmation is ‘It is safe for me to form attachments. It is safe for me to be intimate with so and so’.

Hips are about dependency. If you fear being dependent on people or alternately feel that too many people are dependent on you. Again this is about resisting it and fearing it because you have been hurt by it in the past, which is why your body is protecting you. Affirmation – It is safe for me to depend on people or a specific person.

Shins and Calves are about cushioning. And Ankles are about Support. But one doesn’t actually start putting on weight from there 🙂

Another way of figuring out what you fear is to see what the weight in that particular area prevents you from doing. And then do it – it’s a sure way to get over the fear :). Can’t wear that Bikini? – just go ahead and wear one!!

2. Do some affirmations : Once you have figured it out usually an affirmation which starts with ‘It is safe for me to…’ should be a good start.

If you don’t want to or can’t figure it out, a generic ‘I am safe, I am secure, I am protected’ is a great affirmation.

3. Add lots of Reds, Browns and Blacks to your wardrobe. Especially the bottoms. Should be easy enough to do and all of them are slimming colours!

4. Try carrying some crystals in your pocket or even wearing it around your neck. For material fears try the Red Jasper. For safety, try a tourmaline or a black onyx. For fears of health it’s a moss agate.

5. Try to walk barefoot on the grass atleast once a day. If not, walk barefoot in your apartment but visualize it is the ground.

And go for a walk or go for a run 😉

One last thing. Sometimes when we try to change something that has been part of us for a long long time, there is backlash. Its just your energy which is not used to the new you. But don’t give up, it’s just testing you to see if you know what you’re doing.  So you wear the Bikini and someone laughs at you or calls you overweight – don’t worry, just do your affirmations. Remember that your body and mind believes that you will be hurt and creates that situation for you. Just continue on and sooner than later it will accept the new you.

A short note  about the Chakras

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Ode to Shakti


Shakti rising up to meet Shiva

A friend asked me to paint Shiva and Shakti for a friend of hers. As the painting unfurled, many mysteries of the universe unfolded for me. Maybe I had heard it before, maybe I had read it somewhere but sometimes it takes a thought to come from the depth of your being for you to really understand it.

Shakti is, of course, the mother goddess, the earth, the divine feminine, other indian goddesses are facets of her or she is a facet of them all. Shakti literally translates to energy or power. She is all that is and all that can be manifested. The truly delightful thing is that Shakti or Power is feminine. Not something one would expect right? But the more I think about it, the more sense it makes. What is real power – not the power to subjugate or to overpower or even to fight for the powerless. True power is in creation, isn’t it? True power is to be able create even as a big bang destroys….

In one of my hypnotherapy sessions, I was having a chat with the Archangel Michael and I was telling him how I needed a sword like his for my warrior form. And he looked really surprised and said, ‘but this is my sword of kindness’ and it all clicked into place for me. The true warrior and the true power is in love, kindness, compassion, in the arts, and of course in creation. That’s why it is a feminine concept. And once it settled in my being the world changed irrevocably. Especially how I viewed myself and women.

Coming back to Shakti, as she is the power, it is she who needs to rise up to meet Shiva. Shiva is the sky, the divine, pure consciousness. And when Shakti meets him, the union of the two creates life – all life on earth. Every being is the product of this union. Which is why we are all children of god.

And every time we meditate and open ourselves to the divine, Shakti is able to rise and meet her Shiva. How amazing is that.

The great rising up of Shakti is also the rising of the Kundalini…here are a couple of my favourite ones. The Kelly Howell one is a full 30 min meditation. The first is a simple simple yoga  position which I love.

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