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Possibilities. How I love that word. It’s been one of my favourite words for some time now, right up there with magic, mystic and rhythm. And now that I think about it – it is similar in it’s nuance.

We had a discussion about choices, conclusions and certainty. When things happen and when they don’t. The most amazing thing about things not happening is the possibilities it opens up. And here comes the magic rushing in 🙂

You break up with somebody and now there is a possibility of someone super amazing to come into your life. You lose a job and here’s the possibility of the job of your dreams happening. Or something else. Just be open to the magic of possibility.


Carpe Gaudium

We keep thinking about when we will be happy. When I have a better job, when I go for a holiday, when I have achieved something, when my kids are home. It’s dependent on someone or something, or it is in the future. But none of these is the key, the thing about Joy is exactly that – you be joyous and it will open the door to more joy. If you keep postponing it or depend on someone else for it, it will play hard to get. Look within and Carpe Gaudium (seize the Joy) 😀

key to happiness

key to happiness

When a door is not a door…

A door ajar

A door ajar






Step In or Step Out. The Door’s Ajar.

Cycles & Doors

Put a cycle against a door and it’s a match made in heaven

cycles and doors

The opening and closing of doors

1 Bob-Marley-Quotes-When-one-door-is-closed-dont-you-know-that-many-more-are-open. pull-the-door-when-it-says-push-funny-quotes bell


The funny quote is strangely the one that is making so much sense to me. Sometimes it’s not a different door and sometimes it’s not even closed but we are pushing instead of pulling. Anyways, may all doors always be open to you.

Door ♥ / 1.2


How can something so distressed be so awesome!!





Give with love, give with joy and let the magic unfold….

Give with love, give with joy and let the magic unfold....

Pic courtesy Kisaragi Haruna Sasuke

the door to the heart


open your heart

open the shutters

open the doors

open the cellars and open the skylight

let the cool breeze run heedlessly along the corridors of your heart

taking with it the cobwebs and the dust mites that have collected over time

open the closets

shake off the covers

let in the wind to sweep it clean

Door within


And that includes you. When you look within, look with love, look with joy, look with kindness, look at the amazing glorious person you are.

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