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The Weight-Loss Chronicles 4: Chocolate & the Sacral Chakra

In between the belly button and the tailbone is the Sacral chakra. If you are a belly weight gainer, figure out if it is below the naval or above. If you get the little belly below you have a Sacral story going on with you.

Chances are that you like chocolate – a lot! If you have a sweet tooth and any sweet will do and you don’t like chocolate much then wait for the next chapter on the Solar Plexus 🙂

The Sacral chakra is about Creativity and Creation, Sex and Sexuality, Fertility, Joy, Pleasure & Abundance. Think about these words and see where you find the lack or the struggle. It is possible that Creativity flows though you but Joy alludes you.

Scientists have proven that when we eat chocolate it releases the pleasure hormones in our brain. If our word is lacking in pleasure, we crave chocolate because our natural or ideal state of being is about being happy, creating and about pleasure. Pleasure itself has an offshoot of pleasing – are you pleasing yourself enough? Or are you constantly putting all your efforts in pleasing others?

None of this means that chocolate is bad. Chocolate is great because it is giving your body what it needs. But wouldn’t it be amazing that your mental and emotional state was so full of pleasure that you would not need that much chocolate. Please don’t force yourself to stop, it will happen on its own as the chakra corrects itself.

The chocolate connection is an indicator that the sacral needs correction. The other indicator is the weight gain in the lower belly area. Simple affirmations are a great way to start and so is wearing crystals. Incidentally, the other thing that releases the happy hormones is exercise 🙂 No escaping that no matter what chakra you work on. Do a little walking, try a minute of running, if you couple that with some affirmations the results will be quite phenomenal.

The Carnelian is the best sacral chakra healing stone. I have noticed that it takes me a little while to get accustomed to the stone (yes, the sacral is my story 🙂 ) so I start by wearing it for an hour or so and slowly build it up to the full day.

Other crystals that benefit the sacral are moonstones and mother of pearl and rubies. Rubies I find the easiest to wear actually. And I prefer the tumbled version to the faceted Jewelry kind. Rule of thumb is that if the crystal is orange in colour it will work on the sacral chakra. Wearing the various shades of orange helps as well. You just realized that you really like the colour orange right?! That’s your body telling you your needs:)

Here’s a set of affirmations that work well for the sacral –

1. I am open to receiving the pleasures in life / I’m open to joy / I’m ready to let happiness into my life

2. Life is easy, life is fun, oh what joy to be under the sun

3. Creativity flows through me, in and around me

4. I love being a woman/man. It is joyous being a woman/man.

See which one resonates with you the most and go with that. 21 times for 21 days or longer.

Do remember to cleanse your crystals and activate them.

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Chakra Basics

Started writing the next chapter of Weight Loss Chronicles and realized that it needs a note on the chakras first. One can write infinitely about the chakras and now looks like this post will go into the chapter format as well – what fun! :). This is the basic bit….love this image, it’s done by Pieter Weltevrede, love all of his art.


Located at the base of the spine this chakra represents our roots, our grounded-ness, our connection to the earth. Our basic survival needs and instincts reside here. The urge to fight or flight, the roof over our heads, all our material wants and desires.
At the physical level, when this chakra is not working to it’s optimal it affects the feet, legs, the base of the spine and the coccyx area. At the metaphysical level it’s malfunction can cause financial or material problems.
For enhancing well being of this chakra, wear the colours of the earth i.e. reds and browns. Use deep red earth crystals like the red jasper.

Our pleasure chakra, located above the root and below the navel. Joy, creativity and procreation emanate from this chakra. When it whirls freely we open ourselves to the pleasures of life, surround ourselves with beauty and enjoyment.
This chakra affects our sexual organs, the kidneys and the hips.
To allow joy into your life surround yourself with vibrant orange. Wear jewelry with carnelians.

Solar Plexus:
In between the navel and the heart is our solar plexus chakra. This is the seat of our power and control, confidence and self esteem (just think about the butterflies in your stomach before a presentation!)
Stress and lifestyle diseases hit us here. The stomach, liver, pancreas and middle vertebrae are affected by this chakra.
Bright happy yellow is the colour of this chakra and the effervescent citrine the crystal to balance it.

No points for guessing this one. Brimming with love, heartfelt thanks, heart going out to someone in pain – in the centre of the chest, this chakra is about love, compassion, gratitude and forgiveness.
It extends from the heart to the arms, right down to the hands.
Use pinks and greens to activate this chakra. The beautiful rose quartz is the perfect crystal for this chakra.

We use this chakra for expressing and communicating. It helps expressing love or creativity, communicating with confidence or kindness. It affects the throat, neck, esophagus, thyroid.
This chakra responds to pure blues. The aquamarine is a great crystal for this chakra.

Third Eye:
In between our brows is our third eye chakra, our minds eye. It is responsible for vision, insights strategy and their successful implementation. Balancing this chakra helps the eyes, ears, nose and the neurological system.
Use indigo for this chakra, the colour and energies of the lapis Lazuli

Just as the root is our connection to the earth, the crown is our connection to the divine. Faith and connectedness, in a higher power, in humanity and in yourself are the keywords here.
It is the existence chakra therefore relates to the pituitary gland and the central nervous system. When this chakra is in imbalance one feels frazzled and disconnected.
Violet or pure white are the colours of an enlightened being. Use a clear quartz or an amethyst to balance this chakra.


Manifestation, Free will and Divine design

Having grown up on the concepts of karma and destiny, I have had great faith in fate – whatever is meant to be is meant to be but then I have also had great faith in us being the creators of our destiny. And frankly the two beliefs co-exited within me in perfect harmony. It’s only when I stopped to think did it occur to me that two, by rights, shouldn’t co-exist.

The new belief that triggered the thinking was that we are god. Controversial yes? I was a bit circumspect about it as well and it felt a bit egotistic to even say the statement out loud. But when you think about the ‘creators of our destiny’ bit and expand the concept to each of being the creator of out own reality then it makes sense. So yes, we are gods creation and have a teeny tiny bit of gods energy and that itself is good enough to call ourselves god but it is much more than that.

If we have free will (which we do!) then we are the ultimate manifestors…so by being creators of our own reality we are god to ourselves. Which is a pretty powerful thought really and we all do believe it hence the popularity of ‘the matrix’. Taking this further into the matrix – we create our own matrix and then we start living in it, having forgotten or buried deep within ourselves that we created it and the keys to the exit are with us.

At some point we decided to experience all that we are experiencing in life. Then we get caught up in the experience and instead of learning from it so we can move on, we start creating spirals and patterns of the same experience. There is however a plan with milestones that we had chalked out for ourselves and as we deviate from the plan we get hit over and over again so we get back on track.

The question is of course – which parts are our manifestation and which parts are design? There is no simple answer and as with everything metaphysical you have to look within. If you are at peace no matter what you are going through then it’s divine design. There is a certain sense of acceptance and a sense of knowing, as if you know all long. All the angst comes from deviating from the path and recreating the pattern over and over again. if you see yourself recreating the pattern then you need to learn something from it. And once you do then you move on to the next chapter and the next lesson.rassouli-03-09-scentoflove

Some patterns are easy to break; it takes little or no time. These are the ones we picked up on the way or while deviating from the path, or are remnants of learnt lessons. For the big ones, it’s the onion peel process. It will probably take a long time. But each time it gets easier, you deal with it better and you can see through the matrix of illusion.

To break the cycle of negative manifestation, try this simple 3 step process.
First is awareness – the signs are all around us, we just need to stop and read them. It could be a pattern in our lives, it could be our body trying to speak to us, so examine recurring physical ailments or discomfort, it could be a relationship or a situation which is unresolved. Looking within is an amazing thing but you can look outside around you because you are creating outside what is within. Sometimes just by being aware resolves the issue.
Once you have awareness of the issue, the second step is to look within for the answers. What is it that you could do differently that would resolve the issue – here it is all about you because remember you have created your reality, so a cheating husband or and obsessive mother are all your creations. Figure out how you feel at the core. For e.g., it could be feeling unloved or feeling unworthy of love – both are about love but will lead to different answers and solutions.

And lastly, make your free will choice to not feel that way anymore. Some of the DIY tools you can use are Affirmations (Louise Hay and Lise Bourbeau), Mantras (Thomas Ashley Farrand), Crystals (Judy Hall) or even guided meditation (Kelly Howell).

Some of the sites I enjoy…. (Lise Bourbeau)

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