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Size does matter – Bedtime Tales

One day, Leo puppy was playing in the garden, when he suddenly noticed a pair of long long legs in front of him.


Leo puppy looked up and wagged his tail slowly.

“Woof” said the head attached to the long legs, “I’m Milo”.

Leo puppy wagged his tail harder and said “Hello Hello, I’m Leo puppy”

“Do you want to play tag Leo puppy?” said Milo grinning and broke into a run.

And Leo puppy  was up and running right behind Milo. Leo puppy chased Milo around the garden and then Milo chased Leo puppy till they were both panting and out of breath.


“That was so much fun”, cried Leo, breathless and excited. “Let’s do it again”

“It was great fun Leo but let’s take a break and get some water” said Milo.

After lapping up enough water, Leo puppy looked at Milo and said, “will I have such long legs when I grow up Milo?”

Milo smiled at Leo puppy and said “No Leo puppy, I am a Boxer, we grow much bigger than beagles”.

“Am I a beagle then?” said Leo puppy.



Milo smiled some more and sat down for chat. “Boxers come from a long line of noble German dogs”, he said. We grow quite big but are extremely affectionate. We are called boxers because we use our front paws a lot and often like human boxers do”

“And beagles?”, said Leo puppy jumping up and down.

“Patience, Leo puppy” said Milo. Now where was I?”… aah yes, Beagles are hounds, which means they can smell very well, they are medium size dogs and very very friendly.”

“Does that mean I wont grow very big?” asked a very disappointed Leo puppy. Milo swiped his paw at Leo puppy and said “Leo puppy, you will grow to have a big big heart, and that’s the most important thing in the world!!”.

“Come now and let’s play some more!”

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