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The joy of living

Reiki healing


Reiki has now become a way of living. As I cannot imagine a day where I do no yoga, I cannot imagine a day where I do no reiki. The more I do reiki, the more I understand about life and the simplicity of all that happens around us and within us. I now know that everything around us is an act of creation – a creation that has sprung up from our mind. Every person, every situation and every act around us is a manifestation of our beliefs, our thoughts, our strengths and our limitations. We alone have the power to create our lives and we alone are responsible for our circumstances.

Here are some beautiful words that echo my belief in what life is:
1. You receive a Body
You may like it or not, but it is yours for this life-time.

2. You will learn Lessons
You are enrolled in a full-time, informal school called ‘Life’. Each day in this school you will have the opportunity to learn lessons. You may like the lessons or think them irrelevant or stupid

3. There are no Mistakes, Only Lessons
Growth is a process of trial and error, and experimentation. The “failed” experiments are as much a part of the process as the one that ultimately works

4. A Lesson is repeated until it is Learned
A lesson will be presented to you in various forms until you have learned it. Then you can go to the next lesson.

5. Learning Lessons Does not End
There is no part of life that does not contain its lessons. If you are alive, there are lessons to be learned.

6. “There” is no better than “Here”
When your “There” has become a “Here”, you will simply obtain another “there” that will, again, look better than “Here”.

7. Others are Merely Mirrors of You
You cannot love or hate something about another person unless it reflects to you something you love or hate about yourself.

8. What you Make of Your Life is up to You
You have all the tools and resources you need. What you do with them is up to you. The choice is yours.

9. The Answers Lie Inside You
The answers to Life’s questions lie inside you. All You need to do is look, listen and trust.

10. Whether you think you can or can’t – in either case you’ll be right


—–   Sabinder Singh

To Receive is Divine

Giving is an act of pleasure and we all feel wonderful when we give to our children, our friends, our parents, strangers and all those around us. I  feel fantastic when I think I have done something wonderful for someone. Riding high on this generous wave I bought gifts for everyone during the Diwali festival. The elated feeling lasted the whole day.
Keeping in tune with the festival wave,  I also spent the whole evening decorating the house and preparing things for the visitors that ‘may’ drop in. In the process I  missed the firecrcaker show that I was going to go with the kids. The bubble burst the next day, when my little one remarked that the gift was fantastic but he would rather have gone out to watch firecracker show and light up the crackers with me.
That’s when I wondered that do we really give? How many times do we pause and think when we decide to do something for someone or give something to someone?
Does the someone really want what we generously hand out, or is the giving  just another way to massage our ego and feed the belief about how ‘kind’ or ‘generous’ we are. That’s when I realized that there are a number of things I do in a day – things that make me feel that I am a great mom, a great boss, a great wife, a super friend and so on. All about my perception on what I am doing for the wonderful people in my life.
Maybe the hour spent in watching the firecracker show was a better act of giving then the thirty minutes spent in finding the perfect gift. But it definitely was the tougher choice. Giving goes hand in glove with receiving. Giving without the pleasure of receiving is not giving. Giving just because someone insists on wanting something is not giving. Giving with the thought that what you give will make a difference to the ‘someone’ – not a difference to you or those around the person is the act of giving – as what is given is received and the act of giving is completed.
Sometimes we give our time, do things for the people we love, as that is our way of showing that we care about them. If I could pause for a split second before I carry out a random act of kindness, I would realize that the act may not be that kind to me or even kind for the person it is being done for. Just for that moment I realize that when there is as much joy in giving as in receiving ‘giving’ becomes the generous act that is.
~ Sabinder Singh

The universe is abundant

I was collecting sea shells with my daughter and there were thousands of shells scattered on the beach, all washed ashore by the waves. We had planned to make a sea shell box and were collecting the shells so that we could stick them on a box, to make it look pretty. My daughter had collected quite a bit so I suggested we leave and come back if we needed more. My excited daughter happily skipped beside me and said: “there are so many shells, I can never pick all of them.” But we do not need all of them, I replied, “we need enough to complete the box”.
I looked at the sea with its endless supply of shells scattered on the beach. There was enough for everyone, if everyone just picked up what they required. If we had tried to amass all that was on the beach that day, there would never be enough. Not for us and not for anyone. Nature provides for us constantly.  There is plenty for each one. Plenty as per our requirement. When we want to amass more than we need, we let our greed take over and then the scarcity starts, because we are hoarding and no longer simply replenishing ourselves.
Why do we have this need to keep a security blanket around ourselves at all times? We do this with the food we eat, the clothes we buy, the items we display, the time at our disposal and whatever we think enhances our life. Does this need stem from an underlying fear of having nothing. Nothing means you are a nobody and being a nobody means you are left all alone. Is that so terrifying? Not really I thought.
When I let go of the fear that I will not be left with much, I found the fear replaced with the thought of “plenty”.  I realised there was plenty around me. I also realised  that the universe will always provide for you and me. If you really want something you will get it. It is the law of the universe. I know for sure that when I constantly think about something it just happens leaving me pleasantly surprised every time. I am learning to trust and let go and amazingly life is responding by becoming so easy. Imagine quitting all that worrying and leaving it all in the comforting hands of this infinite energy source. When you want something for yourself, just ask for it with all your heart and soul – and you will get it, if it is good for you.
The energy is all around us. When we create a thought we set into motion a pattern that attracts more similar thoughts that tap into the energy to create our reality. So think thoughts of abundance, thoughts of plenty thoughts to create a richer life. And spend a moment counting your many blessings 🙂
~ Sabinder Singh

Love Divided – Bedtime Tales 2

When Leo was about six months old, one day, bright and early, Mama and Papa called him over for a chat.

‘Leo puppy’, said Papa, ‘would you like a play-mate? You had such a good time playing with Milo, would you like someone to play with all the time?’

‘Yes, yes of course, Papa’, said Leo

‘Let’s go then’, said Mama, ‘to meet your new playmate’

And so Papa drove them over to a house close by. Inside the house was a stout Mama Dog, and Leo puppy went forward to pay his respects. Suddenly he felt something on his leg. He looked down to see what was pinching him. And there was a little walking-talking toy which was trying to chew his leg.

1 Leo puppy decided to pick up the toy and keep it aside but as soon as he put the toy in his mouth, the toy started squeaking. Leo puppy dropped the toy in shock. The he looked around to see that Mama dog was laughing really loudly. And so were Mama and Papa.

‘Say hello to Olive’, said Mama to Leo. 6

At that, Olive yipped and ran around Leo puppy, inviting him to play.

Leo puppy was all to happy to play with her. But all to soon Papa said it was time to leave. And imagine Leo’s surprise when Olive got into the car with them.

And Mama put Olive on her Lap!

By the time they got home, Leo was not a happy puppy, not at all.

But as soon as they entered, Papa took Leo puppy aside and asked him what was wrong. 3

Leo puppy looked at Papa with tears in his eyes and said ‘Papa, I thought I would go over to Olive’s house to play, I didn’t know she would come and stay with us!’

‘Leo Puppy, I should have explained better’, said Papa. ‘Olive is now your little sister and we went to get her home. We want you to love her and protect her, she is such a tiny little thing, isn’t she. And you had so much fun playing with her din’t you?

‘Yes, yes I did Papa’, said Leo, brightening up a little.

But then he looked sad again and said, ‘But Mama loves me less already’

So Papa gathered Leo puppy in his strong arms and said to Leo, ‘Leo Puppy, the most amazing thing about Love is that when there are more people to love, our hearts grow bigger and there is more love to give for everybody. Now that Ollie has come into our lives, the love in our house has doubled.

Just then Ollie rushed out and started nipping at Papa’s feet. Leo puppy gave Papa a big lick on the face and jumped down to chase his little sister.

Bedtime Tales I – Size does Matter 


Size does matter – Bedtime Tales

One day, Leo puppy was playing in the garden, when he suddenly noticed a pair of long long legs in front of him.


Leo puppy looked up and wagged his tail slowly.

“Woof” said the head attached to the long legs, “I’m Milo”.

Leo puppy wagged his tail harder and said “Hello Hello, I’m Leo puppy”

“Do you want to play tag Leo puppy?” said Milo grinning and broke into a run.

And Leo puppy  was up and running right behind Milo. Leo puppy chased Milo around the garden and then Milo chased Leo puppy till they were both panting and out of breath.


“That was so much fun”, cried Leo, breathless and excited. “Let’s do it again”

“It was great fun Leo but let’s take a break and get some water” said Milo.

After lapping up enough water, Leo puppy looked at Milo and said, “will I have such long legs when I grow up Milo?”

Milo smiled at Leo puppy and said “No Leo puppy, I am a Boxer, we grow much bigger than beagles”.

“Am I a beagle then?” said Leo puppy.



Milo smiled some more and sat down for chat. “Boxers come from a long line of noble German dogs”, he said. We grow quite big but are extremely affectionate. We are called boxers because we use our front paws a lot and often like human boxers do”

“And beagles?”, said Leo puppy jumping up and down.

“Patience, Leo puppy” said Milo. Now where was I?”… aah yes, Beagles are hounds, which means they can smell very well, they are medium size dogs and very very friendly.”

“Does that mean I wont grow very big?” asked a very disappointed Leo puppy. Milo swiped his paw at Leo puppy and said “Leo puppy, you will grow to have a big big heart, and that’s the most important thing in the world!!”.

“Come now and let’s play some more!”

The Miracle of Ani Choying Drolma

images (1)

I recently had the great honour of being in the same space as Ani Choying Drolma. As I write the words ‘great honour’ I am aware that this is the first time I have ever used them, meaning it from the centre of my soul.

I have loved Ani’s music for some time now, and with all the best things,  I don’t know how she entered my life. She came for an small, intimate concert here and we went to hear her sing. I went to hear her amazing voice, I believe it comes down straight from the divine. What I got was so so much more than that.

Someone once told me that to be in the energy field of an enlightened being is something else entirely. The words made sense, this is why people want to go meet all the spiritual guru’s repeatedly. But to understand and to experience are two different things.

We were at the concert for about an hour. And it was amazing, the music was divine, she was as I would expect a Buddhist Nun to be. She talked some, about her issues with anger and hate as a child and how the path helped her. It was all quite fantastic and I went home quite happy.

The miracle of it was I woke happy the next day, and the next, and the next….for a full 5 days nothing could get the smile off my face. And I did get some bad news actually, but the smile stayed. And when I hear her or even when I think of her, the smile comes back on.

Just by being in her energy field, for an hour, did this. What people felt with Mary and Jesus, with Buddha and rest of the masters, how people feel with the Dalai Lama or with Adyashanti – all makes perfect sense now.

Two of my favourite mantras from her –

Of love


at first there is only love
a moment of pure bliss
the first breath
the first look
at first there is only love

then is the quest for love
of wanting
of needing
of demanding
of doing
of proving

then is the acceptance of love

then there is only love
at last there is only love

Love is the ultimate freedom



Love is the ultimate freedom. It is not a chain to bind you but the bond that can set you free.
Love is.
And there is no isn’t. There is no if, but, when, it just is.

There is no conditionality to love. And there is no unconditionality to love. Unconditionality is a condition too.
Love just Is.

There is no proof of love. It just is.



The Weight-Loss Chronicles: Chapter 2 – Thank your Fat


In chapter one, we discussed the reason for weight – fat and thin. Now with that perspective, take a step back and see why does fat exist in our bodies. (And no, it’s not there to torture you:) ) Quite the opposite actually. It’s there to protect you. You know that sea mammals have this really dense layer of fat which protects them from the cold water. The key word here is protection – our fat exists because it believes that it is protecting us.
All the little hurts and the big ones – emotional not physical – makes the mind want to protect itself and as the body is the physical manifestation of the mind, that’s where the fat shows up.
This doesn’t mean that thin people don’t get hurt, it just means that their response is to run from the emotion. The people who fight the emotion layer up on the fat for protection.
So when you are feeling vulnerable or unprotected your body starts putting up it’s protection. The first thing to do is affirm to your mind and body that you are safe. A lovely affirmation is –
‘I am safe. I am secure. I am protected’
All the better if you can visualize your safe place while doing the affirmation.
The second exercise to do especially while getting into bed is to talk to your fat. Place your hands on your solar plexus and start by thanking your fat, thanking your body, for being so considerate to you. Mind you – this is love talk so no abuses, rudeness or sarcasm. You body knows when you are being genuine. So talk to your body as you would talk to a 2 yr old.
Thank it for protecting you and keeping you safe. But also let your body know that you are alright now and you don’t need the protection anymore. That it is alright for the fat to melt away now. Use your own words, just make sure they are soft, loving, positive words.
Affirmations work best when done for 21 days, with a minimum of 21 times. I mostly do them through the day.
Go on try it till the next chapter on the Chakras & Weight





Possibilities. How I love that word. It’s been one of my favourite words for some time now, right up there with magic, mystic and rhythm. And now that I think about it – it is similar in it’s nuance.

We had a discussion about choices, conclusions and certainty. When things happen and when they don’t. The most amazing thing about things not happening is the possibilities it opens up. And here comes the magic rushing in 🙂

You break up with somebody and now there is a possibility of someone super amazing to come into your life. You lose a job and here’s the possibility of the job of your dreams happening. Or something else. Just be open to the magic of possibility.


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