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The Yin and the Yang of life

Yin yang


Candy crush is an interesting game but being stuck at a level leaves me struggling to devise ways and means to clear the boxes. Unable to remove the jelly with various techniques I almost gave up when I realised that what happens at the bottom of the box is a cause and effect of what happened at the top, a couple of moves earlier. For an effect to take place at one end it is not necessary for an action to happen around the location. A sequence of actions at a far off location send a ripple which in turn brings the three candies together to create the effect required. So it is with life.

Life is about balance. Today is not a result of yesterday. It is the result of a lot of today’s gone by. I guess balance would be about eating the candy today so that you can reach the next level today – not tomorrow. It would be about living today the way it should be lived. Balance is about living the yin and the yang at a given moment. If you are angry at a situation or a person then there is a lot of yang energy around you. Balance is achieved in this case by keeping calm or by being silent. By calmness you allow the yin energy to balance the moment. You have altered the flow of energy. Being angry or yelling creates more yang energy and creates an imbalance which imbalances the flow around you. By neutralising the two energies you have achieved the yin and yang balance and achieved harmony. That is what every moment is about – achieving a state of harmony to create a life that is balanced.

There is no situation where there is only yin or only yang. With sadness there is happiness. When we walk the circle of life, we will walk through the yin and the yang. One will give rise to another. So whatever we go through in life be it yin or yang, one will always succeed the other. The balance is achieved by being comfortable with the flow of energy as it passes from one phase to another.
To find the balance we need to see the yang in the yin and the yin in the yang. When we do that we have learnt to balance life and create an equilibrium that makes our today as perfect as it can be.

——— ┬áSabinder Singh

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