Like the blind men with the elephant we too only see aspects of each other, never the whole. When we judge we have to know that it is only a tiny part of the person that we are seeing. And vice versa – when someone says, ‘you are selfish’ or ‘you are not good enough’, they are only seeing the selfish part of you. There is a totally selfless part of you that someone else can see.
The thing is that we can never really see the whole – all we can do is trust that we are only seeing an aspect. And believe that the sum of our parts is perfectly balanced and finally deep inside we are exactly the same 


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2 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. Erik Andrulis on said:

    “finally deep inside we are exactly the same ”

    Yes, I am the same and different at the same time; one and many; here and there; finite and infinite; mortal and immortal; everything and nothing.

    Thanks for sharing.

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